MH 370 where are you?

 – Sathiskumari

MH 370 where are you?

You have special guests in your home.

Don't you think it's your responsibility to take care their meal and safety?

Experts said you were gone undetected.

Is that true?

Please ensure the safety of all the guests’ coz the loved ones are still waiting with tears and hoping for miracles to happen.

Don't ever disappoint us as we trust you from bottom of our hearts.

Please come back without any tiny scar.

Is this an over-expectation?

Certainly NOT coz love is priceless and power of love can do miracles.

Just wish you can come back and open the door for the guests to give a priceless smile to the world.

Do not fail our trust, love and hope MH 370.

All the prayers and wishes goes to you and your guests.

Take care MH 370 and please return safely. – March 14, 2014.

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